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Baby-friendly Hospital Initiative training course for maternity staff, 2020
25.08.2021, 13:00

All health workers who care for women and children during the postnatal period and beyond have a key role to play in establishing and sustaining breastfeeding. Many health workers cannot fulfil this role effectively because they have not been trained to do so. This updated training course is built upon the revised 2018 Ten Steps to Successful Breastfeeding, the latest version of the guidance for implementing the Baby-friendly Hospital Initiative (BFHI) in facilities providing maternity and newborn services. The materials in this training course complement existing courses and can be used as part of the pre-service education of health workers.

•    Director's guide
•    Trainer's guide
•    Participant's manual
•    Customisation guide


•    Session 1. BFHI: A ley component of quality maternal and newborn care
•    Session 2. Benefits of breastfeeding
•    Session 3. Counselling skills: listening and learning
•    Session 4. Counselling skills: building confidence and giving support
•    Session 5. How breastfeeding works
•    Session 6. Impact of birth practices
•    Session 7. Postnatal practices to support breastfeeding
•    Session 8. Classroom clinical practice: assessing a breastfeed
•    Session 9 Clinical practice: positioning a baby at the breast
•    Session 11 Breast and nipple conditions
•    Session 12. Milk supply challenges
•    Session 13. Challenges of feeding at the breast and alternative methods of feeding
•    Session 14. Medical indications for supplementary feeding
•    Session 16. Maternal health
•    Session 17. Antenatal preparation for breastfeeding
•    Session 19 Discharge care
•    Session 20. The International Code
•    Session 21 Facility practices: implementing the Ten Steps




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